Chonés! Panties For All!

i am so full of shit! i mean ideas! they’re constantly floating around in my brain. i’m not always in the position to carry out my ideas and so many of them sit on the back burner. especially business ideas. but i feel like i need to share them in some way. and i just happen to have a frickin’ schaweet platform for it right here. so i’m going to be sharing some business ideas that i’ve had for the next little while until i run out. and then who knows… maybe i’ll start reviewing local businesses for your enlightenment and edification :)

first up is my most recent idea: Chonés! Panties For All!

Chonés is a panty store. that’s it. just panties. and maybe some fun little extras like perfume or feather boas for good measure…

mission: to provide the panty-girls of the world a wide selection of knickers in a fun and exciting atmosphere. in “short”; world domination in a thong!

vision: every day is a party at Chonés! product is displayed on the walls and on tables throughout a brightly colored store.  the staff is super fun and bubbly and loud and energetic.  there’s always some kind of party happening at chonés; the music is loud and the panty-girls are louder!

product and growth: all different types of panties are available; from fun and flirty to seductive and sexy! no bras; we’ll let the big bra chain take care of that… for now! as the business grows new product could be introduced like private label bras, fragrances, pajamas, robes, cosmetics, bath and body products.

marketing: parties!!! all the time! cupcake parties, proms, other themed parties. the “panty-raid” loyalty card will keep customers raiding our panty tables with discounts and freebies. there will be a daily “sling shot panty launch” giveaway where all of a sudden a loud siren would play over the speakers, a panty-girl would get up on the cashwrap and slingshot launch a pair of panties into the air. who ever catches them wins them! weekly cross promotion with other local businesses will ensure fresh clientelle. social media and referral programs. the cherry on top will be our panty-girls extraordinaire! loud, lively superstars that will be marketed as much as the product. and depending on how the business grows… live panty models!


so there you have it, the very first of my business ideas. run with it!!!

~princess sarah of the united states of america

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